Friday, May 30, 2008

Screenings for the FTV units

Screenings for both the FTV units finished a couple of hours ago. It was scheduled to start at 7.30pm at G2106 but instead, we went in around 8pm. Imagine watching seven 10 minutes documentary, seven 30 seconds commercial and six music videos with additions to comments from our lecturer. =.=''

It was a great opportunity to actually get to watch our coursemates productions and listen also to our lecturer's comments so we can use them to improve on our future productions. Fortunately, I should say, all my 3 productions were the first to screen on TV...sigh~ but well, our lecturer gave good comments and practically said, 'Well Done!' to all the teams.

The funny part of the screening...

The last music video was shown and comments were given. Our lecturer gave his last few words before dismissing us for this semester and the units. 'Good Luck in your exams and Selamat Hari Gawai', he said and we were off. Moments later, a coursemate of ours went up to him and told him that his group's music video hadn't been shown yet - and at that time, quite a number of students went off already - so, our lecturer asked Mr. Sony (our so-called lecturer) to call the students back. Mr. Sony took off the class and practically pushed everyone of us back into the room and ran after the others who were already on their way to their cars. AMAZING~ Well, the way he called us back was way to funny (you need to see it to believe it).

Yeap, we went back and watched the final music video and again 'Good Luck in your exam and Selamat Hari Gawai', our lecturer repeated with a giggled.

Screenings are over~ Semester is over~ FTV units are over~ Shootings are over~ Editings are over~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

D.O.N.E. with SEMESTER 2~!

At this, four hours ago, after doing my last line in my MCI 101 final essay and printing the 7 pages long essay, I am DONE for this semester! SEMESTER 2 accomplished! I am three weeks in advance done with my semester because I am not having any final exams this semester, thanks to my Consumer Behavior 102 where we have our finals in class last week.

Okay, at the moment, I am stress free...



I am BORED!!!

p/s: updates on my whole semester will be up soon

FTV 222 and FTV 233 are officially O.V.E.R.~!

At the time I write this post, FTV 222 and FTV 233 are officially O.V.E.R.!!!

Mr. Rama: Well done!
Stephanie: Bye bye! *sigh~*
Mr. Rama: Do your evaluation...bug off and do your own things!

Yeap, that was our conversation with our lecturer before leaving the Journalism Lab for this semester! Which means, no more stepping into the lab for the next two months! YEAH! It was a job well done for both FTV units this semester...but...we are still a little worried about our marks la, as usual~ hehe...

Anyway, one more assignment to go and I'm free. MCI 101 Final Essay, here I come~!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hezekiah's Rhythm...the Making

This was my third treatment chosen this semester and I was so happy to have my minor production team mates working on this documentary again! This time again, our talent was not in Miri and we had to shoot according to his availability (lucky us we don't have to pay his air tickets). 

Scripting was one tough one when our first draft was copped 'BORING' by our lecturer. Finally, after a couple of drafts, the 4th draft was approved and one great thing was, our documentations were approved on our first try! YEAH! Thanks to Amy, our producer!

I was the Director of Photography this time around, although it was my story. Stephanie took the role of Director. Shoots were arranged and our first shoot was at Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. We paid RM30 per person to enter and had buffet lunch as well with a private van bringing us here and there. How cool is that~! Photos will tell it all...

...wonder what Jas and I are doing with our hands up?...

...Jas putting the lens cap over my head, looking like distorted Mickey Mouse ears...

...enjoying our nice, delicious buffet lunch...

Second & Final day shoot.
Location: Hezekiah's House
Yeap, our final shoot of the semester and it was a night shoot. It was tiring, especially after spending the whole day in the lab editing our music video. Anyway, thanks to Hezekiah, he made it possible and easier to shoot. We even had our dinner there - his mum cooked for us! Yum!

...Director not concentrating!...

...Cameraman (Karen), Boom (Jas), Producer (Amy), all at WORK...


...umm, Director aka Nenek - dunno what she is doing la~!...

A million thanks to everyone who is involved directly and indirectly in the making of Hezekiah's Rhythm. Thanks to my team of great people; Stephanie the Director, Amy the Producer and Jasmine the Editor. Thanks to Hezekiah for helping us so much. Thanks to Adrienne who suggested Hezekiah's story as my treatment!


Editing Fever~

We have been in the Journalism Lab for days, or maybe weeks. It's day in and day out in there for hours and hours and freezing our heads off. One pair of jacket usually is not enough...

Finally, the semester is almost over and we are also almost going towards the end of our editings. EDITING FEVER~ SIGH~

...Jas (Editor), Kay (Director), Amy (Producer)...

~all having Editing Fever~

*look closely at the two screens behind us - 16 small boxes of the visual - tiny boxes*

-courtesy of my MACBOOK PRO-

Friday, May 23, 2008

When I Thought Stress Was Over...

Just a post ago, I wrote about my stress-free time, but to my surprise, I am now writing a very stressful post again~ Why?

It all started from the moment I posted the previous post. 

First, I was pissed at one particular group in class who asked me, 'You are Karen, ha?' ...WTF! Same class for one whole semester, with my lecturer calling my name every week and some dumb classmate ask that question. Second, that same particular group with 'bi-at-ches' in it were not happy with my group using the editing room *mata menjeling-jeling*. Third, a lecturer of mine scolded me over some forms that I was supposed to fill in by next week. Fourth, some people then to not use their brain - blocked my group's editing room with their equipments. That was just Day 1.

Proceeding to Day 2.
First, the same lecturer of mine shouted, 'I kill you!' because I haven't complete my forms. Second, the same lecturer again, announced that our productions are all due next Tuesday. We were all like, 'WTH! It's due on Wednesday!' Third, the campus life called me telling me that my forms must be submitted by this week's Friday. Fourth, I had a sudden club meeting the next day. Fifth, my Consumer Behavior exam is on Saturday and I haven't even gotten my slides printed out. Sixth, one guy from the group came to me and asked me, 'Did I offend you?'...all because I talked and stared at him with my mata menjeling-jeling. I wanted to answer, 'Ask your group members la...' but it's okay. Seventh, a sudden argument broke out in the lab due to the 'Dog Issue' (will not go into that because it's disgusting). 

Now, Day 3.
Friday is here and just a day before exam. Went to campus to finish up my forms to submit them. Not surprisingly, the other group didn't come for their edits, so most people asked me, 'Why didn't you go edit?' ... my answer, 'I didn't want to take some people's place. Later they say me don't follow arrangements.' *sarcastically* The one thing that pissed me off badly was the graphics that we had to do for our documentary. Although we had good comments from our lecturer, but this graphic took me a whole half an hour and all I got was an unclear visual! I was swearing in from of my laptop and when I finally got it right, I deleted the file and only to realize that I did the arrangements wrongly. Sigh~ it's okay now, it is done...

...I look like this now...

I for now, need a long relaxing sleep with no more stress, please.
Looks like stress is not all over for me yet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost to the end of the semester

It's 21st May 2008 and it's a Wednesday.

Sitting in the campus cafeteria with a box of 'Lowel Tota' light, a bag of PD250 and accessories, a tripod, an extension, a boom pole and a box of ME62, with a cup of kopi-peng and a bowl of half eaten kolo mee from CDS, I am typing this blog...

Almost to the end of the semester...

Only 9 more days to the end of my semester 2 in Curtin, Miri. Only 9 more days to scream for 'FREEDOM and STRESS FREE'. Only 9 more days to me to finish watching 'Bleach'. Only 9 more days to have more sleep. Only 9 more days...

For the past months, assignments, exams and productions have been wearing me off, not to mention I fell badly sick twice this semester! Many things happened along the way since I came back to Miri for this semester. (will blog about that in 9 days time) Finally, shootings are all done (will blog about the major documentary shoot later) and now in post production for both my projects. Got my marks for the Minor Production back yesterday and was quite satisfied with it although I still think that judging creativity by grades is just not fair. Anyway, three more assignments due this week and another three to due next week. Sigh~ My semester ends at 8pm on 29th May 2008 after the screenings for our FTV 222.

It seems that I have posting a lot of stressful post lately in my blog. Hoping that after this, my posts will be 'STRESS FREE'...

Looking forward now to my holidays; Gawai in the longhouse, reformation of myself in Kuching, trip to Kota Kinabalu and a bus ride back to Kuching for Rainforest World Music Festival.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Newspaper - WRAPPED~!

After three weeks of documentation, scriptwriting and storyboarding,
After three days of hectic setup of the room,
After two days of shoots,
Old Newspaper is finally WRAPPED!

You may have seen several posts about newspaper, and finally, all of those are over! Shoots are done and now, its post production time~ The two days shoot was quite interesting as we explored a lot of new things and it paid off when it all went well; sun was shinning brightly, camera was working perfectly, group members were all helping out and even our talents are great.

Setting up the room

Shooting (DAY 1)

...our group photos (cast and crew)... and my set and the camera...

Cleaning up the Room

Shoot (DAY 2)
...from left to right...


This is one great experience I ever had with great people to work with. Waiting for the final product after two hectic weeks of editing and a million thanks to my crews and talents for their time and effort in this making of 'OLD NEWSPAPER'.

p/s - click here to read more

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mega Mac at McDonalds + Prince Caspian & Ironman at Star

Saturday; 17th May 2008.
Slept for 12 hours, got so tired after the shoot the day before. Waking up at 11am happens once in a blue moon. We got to town to pump petrol and for Cath to get things done and went to Bintang Plaza. Target of the Day - MEGA MAC! ooo...been wanting to get one since I got sick that day and finally... and my MEGA MAC...

Mission accomplished~!
Next mission...chilling~ Plan A was to go to Boulevard and head to the arcade and shoot some games. On the way to the lift, I saw the movie list on the board. The next thing we knew, we went up to 3rd floor and bought 2 tickets for PRINCE CASPIAN and the show was starting when we got into the theater.


Prince Caspian, another sequel of The Chronicles of Narnia. One great movie and I love the songs. Watching this reminds me of the time my friends and I watched the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe back in KL. It has been a long time since I last watch any new movie. Movie ended at 4.15pm and we got out, feeling satisfied with the show. As we were walking out, we saw another movie showing at 4.30pm. IRONMAN. We got another 2 tickets and went into cinema 1 and had the show.


Ironman, another film from the Marvel Superhero Comics. Great graphics and what I love most is the cars~! Cool cars~! I have no bad commends on any movies from Marvel. The stories are just great coz I love all the superheroes. Awaiting for The Dark Knight on the big screen. Ironman ended at 6.30pm and finally we decided to get out of Bintang and headed to the nearest ATM machine to get money. Went to Pasar Malam only to see so many cars there and decided to go to Restoran Najua at Pujut 8 for dinner before heading home. feeling satisfied and cool after the whole day with  my Sirap Bandung...


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hahaha...I guess this is the third time I got tagged and I did the tag. 
This time by Alison~

8 things I'm passionate about:
1) my DSLR
3) my MSN
4) my DADA and MAMA
5) my LAKSA
6) my COFFEE
7) my pink CROCS
8) my LOT 3946

8 things I say too often:
1) ngaiti
2) wad la, you!
3) you this~
4) gone case (thanks to Adrienne)
5) Quack~!
6) Cis!
7) yalah~!
8) BLEH!

8 books I read recently: (I only hav 5 in my list)
1) Federal Constitution
2) Making the Grade
3) Smart Thinking
4) Charmed - Leo Rising
5) Konserto Terakhir

8 songs I could listen over and over again:
1) Come to Me (P. Diddy feat Nicole)
2) California (Darren Haynes)
3) So Close (Jon McLauglin)
4) Hotel California (Eagles)
5) Ju Hua Dai (Jay Chow)
6) Fearless (Jay Chow)
7) Old Newspaper (Jason Lo)
8) Complete (Parachute Band)

8 things I've learnt for the past year:
1) to be an Assistant Director
2) to work in a production team
3) to stay in different places within 3 years
4) be more responsible
5) take better photos
6) to make more friends from all over the world
7) to be more confident in all I do
8) to be a better daughter and friend

8 people that I tag:
1) Adrienne 
2) Belinda
3) Jasmine
4) Yuki
5) Stephanie
6) Angeline
7) Alex
8) Valerian

One Artistic Pre Production...For MTV

FOURTH and FINAL production project for this semester and overall, I could say that this is the hardest one to do...why? Art direction is mad~! Just pure mad~! 

The post I had before 'Sau Kau Po Chi' was just one minor part of this project. Since Tuesday, the group had been working hard to make my bedroom into the MTV set; covered all in newspaper - including the four walls, the ceiling, the floor, the cupboard, the table and chair, the bed and all the small items you can find in the bedroom. Not only the bedroom, Jasmine and I wrapped a guitar, a bicycle, pens, books...everything~!

Now, I shall let the picture talk.

...Jasmine and I with our precious guitar...

...look at all the newspaper items...

...Jasmine and the newspaper bicycle...

One more day of setting up to do and we're done with the room. Shoots on Friday and Sunday.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Syok Sendiri~

Well, all these while, we syok sendiri by holding the camera and took photos of ourselves. This time, we let the computer do the job. 

...guess how these photos were taken...

A Tribute to 'Blek the Cat'

JUNE 2006 - MAY 2008

Read my mum's blog today and found out that our pet cat died. It was awfully shocking news because it died after a cat fight. Back to the day I found this cat, it had a string tied on its neck and was already chocking it. So my mum and I decided to catch it and cut off the string and we managed to do so and soon, it stayed at our backyard. This cat was a little 'cacat' especially that it had its tongue stick out 24/7 and it could barely 'meow'. But, the lovely thing about this cat is that it loves to rub our legs. There were a couple of times where we lost it and it came back, got sick but went healthy on its own. 

The next time I go back home, the backyard will be quiet and empty. No more purring, no more rubbing, no more feeding...

Goodbye 'Blek the Cat'. Miss you lots.