Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In my new home

Once again, I moved. This time, to Miri. Curtin University.
Well, moving to Miri is not as hard as I thought it would be. I flew to Miri from Kuching alone and my friend picked me up from the airport and sent me over to Curtin for my first day orientation. I kindda skipped the orientation a little bit-went off to buy my things in Boulevard. My room was in total mess; dusts everywhere, spider webs all over; and it took me the whole evening through the night to clean it all up. My roommate wasn't around too, so I slept with the lights on.
Everything is alien to me. Nothing seemed like what I know. People around me are total stranger. But, I hope I can enjoy myself here for the next 2 years in my new home...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watched Harry Potter

Went to watch Harry Potter already with my brother, Aaron and my friend, Adeline. It was a two hour movie which I think should not be a children's movie anymore since the movie is getting violent every sequel. Hmm...I thought this novel and this movie was supposed to be for children but eventually it's not...how sad...

It was not as facinating as the past few movies...but as usual, graphics great! I'm not so happy about the storyline...hmm...hope they'll have the nice ending of the next book though...looking forward to it...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Being a tourist for a day

My mum and I became tourists today in Kuching. Since I just had my new Nikon D40 for RM2200, I decided to take a tour around Kuching town today to snap pictures. My mum and I had early breakfast and we started our tour from a Chinese temple just in front of Star Cineplex. We traveled down to Waterfront and headed to the Old Court House. Later in the afternoon, we went to the museums and took a walk around it. Guess what, my mum and I so wanted to get into the 'Dinotrek' exhibition so we paid RM10 and got in for a round. It was so hot but we had fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Missing what I never thought I would

It's been two weeks since I left KL for Kuching. It'll be another 2 years for me to be there again. I never thought that it'll be hard for me to let go of the things that happened in KL for the last 3 years. During my life in college, I wished I never step foot there and I swore not to return to KL to work.

Things changed when I worked. The people were all so nice and helpful and friendly. For once, I actually felt like home; eventhough I stayed alone in a small room, by myself. But, everyday when I go to work, I felt energetic and enthusiastic towards the new day.

The people there; Sharon, Mona, Angie, Sok Peng, Jo, Enid, Gwo Yunn... I felt so home...

Today, I still couldn't really let go and I missed all the things we did for work and for fun. It was such a great time. I'm missing what I never thought I would...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catch me on TV!

Not to be so perasan...but...do catch me on TV this 29th July 2007 at 10pm on 8TV in Gol & Gincu (Season 2). Although it's a small role in the episode, but, I had fun and can't wait to see it on air. Tune in!!!

Looking back the book to 3 years ago

Three years ago, year 2004...

Year 2004 was a hell of a year for me. Everything changed when I was given my SPM results and accepting into MIIM in KL. First, of course, my parents weren't keen to letting me go as the course that I took was not so suitable for me; as they said. But, 24 May 2004, I left Kuching at last for my studies. Registering myself into college on 26 May 2004, moving into my hostel and leaving my parents for the first time was so hard for me. The home sick feeling, the alone feeling, the in-confident feeling I had was overwhelming. During all the hardships, someone came into my life and things started to get better. But, it wasn't as sweet and as beautiful as I thought it will be. I held back the feeling to myself and pretended that it never happened. Time passed by...

Year 2005, another new year, another new adventure. Things in college went on as usual. I was so surprised so know that I traveled to and fro KL-KCH at least 6 times a year. WOW! As the matter of fact, I had to. I moved house again from my hostel to a small flat my friends and I rented for RM500. At least life was a little easier outside hostel. Things started happening between friends, housemates and my environment. At the end of the year, I was promoted to a senior in college. Time passed by...

Year 2006, my finals in college. My coursemates and I came up with a 25 minutes drama and we shot it with our college's new camera. Finally, after such a long time, we never had a fight in the group. 13 November 2006 was another step for me. I went for my internship in Red Communications for three months. I learnt a lot, working on projects such as Dutchlady 123, Breeze Padang Pintar, Angkasawan's MTV and Jom Beli Aiskerim. Time passed by....

Year 2007. I finished my internship 13 February 2007 and was given a job for 4 months in the same company. There were so many nice and helpful people there to guide me through my time there. I worked on Please Give Me a Job, Bernafas Dalam Lumpur and Gol & Gincu (Season 2). Problems arises like crazy. Everyone was stressed and I could feel the difficulties working in my future. Then, it was my time to leave, 28 June 2007. It was hard for me to let go of all the things around me; my college, my friends, my work...everything. But, when it is time to leave, it's time to leave. I packed my things and flew back to Kuching 4 days later. It will be another 2 years before I come back...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Great...I'm sick

Probably I'm not used to not work, not study or not not doing anything. Caught flu from my mum and now, it gets worst as my cough is starting and I'm getting a little feverish. Damn! It's holiday, I should be healthy and strong to go out, hang out with friends... Taking medication now, hoping that it'll settle down and at least I will have a week to enjoy before leaving for studies...

Got a new phone!

Yeah! Just bought a new phone today. LG-G282 for RM350. It took me half an hour to decide whether or not I should buy the phone. But, at the end of the day, I did made a purchase...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back when we were kids

Just few days ago, my two high school friends; Adeline and Jessica, and I went out for a drink in Coffee Bean. We hadn't seen each other for about 6 months. As usual, I'm the driver; picking and sending them from home. Compared to 5 years ago, we could now afford a cup of Ice-blended Mocha. So we had a long chat in Coffee Bean.

I suggested to have a game in Hock Lee's arcade. So we drove there and paid RM10 for 20 tokens and played some racing and shooting games. It was like how we used to be like when we were kids - chilling out in coffee shop for hours, playing arcade games, a game of bowling, window shopping...

We had Western food for dinner in Petanak Market. We sat there from 7pm to 9pm. Talking and eating and talking and eating. There were so much to talk about. Imagine if we don't see each other for a year or more; endless chit chatting.

Soon I had a call from my mum. "What time is it now? Where are you? When are you coming home?" Sigh. That's what my mum does when I'm out with my friends back in Kuching. It's exactly what she does when I was 16.

I sent them home and probably that was the only time we would see each other from now to the next 6 months...but, I had a great time, being a kid again!

Star Cineplex is getting better...

I'm not a fan of Star Cineplex since I first watched a movie there about 3 years ago. It's really sad to say that it's so far different from Cinemas in KL.

One; we have manual tickets.
Two; only 3 counters available.
Three; movies release two days later.
Four; seats are uncomfortable.
Five; cinemas are small - probably could fit only 50 people inside.
Six; sound systems are bad.
Seven; popcorns are ok...
Eight; 3 halls available only.
Nine; it's on the 9th floor of a parking building.
Ten; lifts are scary!

But, I was quite surprised when I watched Transformers recently when the sound systems are much better. It was a much comfortable environment compared to when I watched Star Wars two years ago.

I do hope they would improve the place so people will actually enjoy the place as well as enjoy the movies there.

Keep up the good work!!!


Went to watch Transformers with my little brother, Aaron last Thursday and thought that I'll be disappointed with it but it turned out very well. I love the graphics and effects. I love the cars!!!

Although the storyline was a little confusing, but for any Transformers' fans, it's a great movie. Love watching Transformers since young so it's worth watching.

Do stay for the end credits...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So long and farewell

Today is the day that Valerie and I bid farewell since we first knew each other when we were two. We were friends since I could remember; playing 'catch', cooking, dolls when we were toddlers. We grew up in the same neighborhood for twelve long years and soon depart when I moved out from a place I called 'home'. A year later, she depart away from her 'home' and we met again after two years. We then met again until today, we are still friends.

A friend that I'll never forget and a friend who is always there for me when I need someone. I hope we can turn back time and be like who we used to be when we were young.

Forget you, I won't. Farewell my friend and God Bless you forever and always!

If it was not because of 'them'

Sok Peng, Angie, Sharon, Gwo Yunn and Enid - Girlpower!

After four months of frustrations and stresses, I realized that if it was not because of 'them', I wouldn't have thought of continuing the workload that I had been doing. This was something that had came into my mind when I felt too much pressure and stupidity coming in from people who I should be respecting. I have seen too much to say nothing. I regretted saying nothing but there is nothing I can do to help. But, because 'they' are the ones who brought me up this far and taught me everything I know up until today.

I miss the things we did, but not the frustrations. I miss you guys!

At last I'm blogging

After three years thinking about opening a blog, I finally decided to have the time to sit down in front of my laptop and write em'. I love writing my thoughts out. Since I am free after college and after work, it's time for me to relax myself and blog it out!