Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday in Pulau Sembilan

27th October 2012
First time diving in Pulau Sembilan...yes, in Straits of Malacca!

Finally I brought my new G12 with underwater casing for this dive trip. I had a pickup at Pangkor Island Main Jetty at 9.45am and took a boat ride to Pulau Sembilan, about 30 minutes away. Geared up for the first dive and took the plunge into the greenish blue waters with my dive buddy, Shernee and dive master, Ben.

Dive Site No.1: White Rock
Managed to only take four pictures of Stonefish. Visibility was very bad, could hardly see the divers around. Decided to just enjoy the dive, drifted and fought the currents.

Dive Site No.2: Buluh Island
We took a short boat ride to the other side of Pulau Sembilan, changed tank and took the second dive. This time, I saw SEAHORSES!!! *woots* My first seahorse sightings! Well, that was the only best thing I had in this dive.......

The dive ended well. It was lunch! We took another boat ride to a deserted island with public toilets for lunch. White sandy beach was the plus point. Took a short snorkel after the meal but was badly stung by tiny micro-organisms. 

Dive Site No.3: Saga Island
I dived Enriched Air, Yo! Hahahahaha....just kidding. 
Changed tank and took the last dive of the day. This time, there were nudibranches but they are HUGE! Fell a little 'geli-lah'~ looking at the big nudis but managed to take some good shots with the camera before the dive ended.

Overall, it was an 'okay' dives. Visibility was rather low, not much to see other than 4 Stonefishes, 5 Seahorses and a few Nudibranches. Lots of currents to fight with but it was manageable. Will probably come back again next time if I need to log my dives.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finally...my G12!

After 2 years of contemplating for this...finally I decided to put my savings to good use! I invested on a Canon Powershot G12 with the Underwater Housing! *woots*

First trial...this weekend at Pulau Sembilan for dives!

Can't wait to see how the pictures will look like~

Monday, October 22, 2012

Working Solo

It's been a month since I started this new project and I've been working solo until today...it sucks! No one to talk to, stare blankly at the wall when the brain decides to jam itself, talking to myself when I need to brainstorm, partitioning my brain into many sections and lots more.

Can't wait for the team to come in...SOON!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

anyone keen to share their ghost story?