Friday, October 31, 2008

It's JCLA Poster Presentation Day~~~

Finally, the day all the 16 inductees have been waiting for...POSTER PRESENTATION DAY! - which marks the end of our first semester in John Curtin Leadership Academy...

Date: 31st October 2008 (All Hallow's Eve)
Time: 2.30pm -4.30pm
Venue: Marriott Hotel, Miri

...didn't know what Juliana was taking...

It was a week ago where all 16 inductees were rushing against time to finish our posters for submission and today, it was our first time to see our poster in a 3 feet x 2 feet board with two individual lights on it. One thing's for sure, we're really proud of ourselves :)










*too bad didn't get everyone's photo with their posters*

It was an amazing day, of course, being the inductees aka the guinea pigs of JCLA in Miri campus, where we have no clue how to present and what to present to the corporate employers. And, of course, for Project Care, we want MONEY! We still need RM14000! hah~ so, what we did was a small exhibition outside the ballroom and during our project presentation, we did somehow emphasize on the current amount we have collected. And during our individual presentation, most employers came by and asked questions about our project - and of course, one lady donated!!!

...Prof John Evan's speech...

...Dr. Lee's speech...

...Fortissimo's presentation...

...Project Care's presentation...

...our time mingling with the employers...

...and that's Catherine and Hisham...looks as if either one is the employer...

The event started with Prof. John Evan's speech, to Dr. Lee Kim Shin's speech, to our video where all 16 of us were being interviewed and later to Fortissimo's presentation and to Project Care's presentation and lastly, it's tea~ where all of us get the opportunity to talk to the employers.

It was indeed a good event especially we know all our hard work throughout this semester paid off~ No doubt more will come into JCLA next semester and we will expand JCLA's network to all!

CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine, Gerain, Ming Yi, Kairul, Johan, Shahul, Suhas, Hisham, Dhiren, Khaliq, May, Shafini, George, Samson and Chuma for:
1. Surviving the workshops by skipping classes
2. Surviving our projects (fortissimo & Project Care)
3. Surviving and making a very good poster
4. Presenting ourselves in front of employers
5. Finishing the 1st semester of JCLA

So, what next???
New intake for John Curtin Leadership Academy and we're off to the Advance Workshop next year!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movies recommended to watch on Halloween

Yea~ FTV 243 is finally over for this semester - submission of my final script assignment, had a small chat with the lecturer and off I'm done - except for the fact that I need to wait for my results which will only come out in December...

Funny thing was, our lecturer, Mr. Rama was very interested in the Halloween events going on in ESCAPE on Thursday and Friday...maybe because both events are having movie screenings... Surprisingly, Mr. Rama suggested that I should screen these few movies for the marathon:-

...all four sequels of SAW...

First thing's first - it's seriously very gory, but it fits the Halloween theme though. If I'm seriously showing this on Thursday's Movie Marathon in ESCAPE, I'll press the play button and off I go...won't want to feel gory after watching all those bloods... *laughs*

Well, will make the decision on Thursday, but first, reminding myself to get the movies from Mr. Rama for the screening - never know he might end up being at ESCAPE watching all four sequels!!! COOL~~~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Irama Tradisional

Irama Tradisional is also known as 'Hezekiah's Rhythm' and in my very old post, I wrote something about this title - a major documentary production for FTV 222 unit last semester. This time, the title has been changed to 'Irama Tradisional for several reasons:
1. Had to be a Bahasa Malaysia title to enter the Program Karyawan Muda competition in RTM
2. All talking audio had to be translated and subtitled

Our FTV lecturer, Mr. Rama approached me back when the semester just started to look for information about this film competition in RTM - so it came back with no longer Anugerah Filem Pelajar, but with a new name, Program Karyawan Muda. Looked through all the entry forms and later upon confirmation of entry, there were subtitling and interviews to be done before submission.

Submitted and it was on air on the 28th September 2008 in RTM1. Our lecturer recorded it on DVD and gave us a copy. And just two/three weeks ago, I was told that he had the video and a short article written in Curtin's website... read here for more details.

Just last week, he asked for a photo taking session with both the groups who entered for this competition and walah~ finally we have a group photo with our lecturer...

from left to right:
Amy (Producer), Karen (Director of Photography/Scriptwriter), Mr. Rama (Lecturer), Stephanie (Director), Jasmine (Editor)

Now, its another month or two of waiting for the results. 
Will wait and see...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Eve Movie Marathon @ ESCAPE

This is the first movie screening organized by AppleBox Pictures. 
There will be more screenings to come in the next semester~

Btw, this screening is F.R.E.E!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

JCLA 1st Semester is almost over~

John Curtin Leadership Academy 1st semester is almost over!!! Everyone (all 16 inductees) are currently busy designing their posters and brainstorming their GQMs. Due date is this 24th October 2008 ... which is TOMORROW! Guess, none of us actually realized that it's so soon...everyone busy with their assignments and actually forgotten about all this poster stuffs. GAMBATEH to all!!!

I'll post my poster up once it's confirmed for printing...

Next week, 31st October 2008, POSTER PRESENTATION to FUTURE EMPLOYEES!!! @ Mariott Hotel~ cool~ dejavu but this time, it's presentation time. Hmm...this means, I have less than a week to edit Project Care and JCLA introduction video! Aiks...GAMBATEH to me too!

~Counting down to Poster Presentation Day~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sister Celestine 50th Anniversary Dinner

Got a message from Aunty Mary (Adrian's mum) to help her for Sister Celestine's 50th Annversary dinner at Park Everly Hotel on 18th October 2008. Help in the sense of video and photo taking for the dinner. Called Joel and we both went for the event - lucky me there's someone with me that night, a lot of uncles and aunties - phew~! :)

We had free seats though, meaning free food...nah~ didn't actually eat that night coz was busy taking videos. It was indeed a grand event. There were 56 tables altogether and St. Joseph school brass band was playing for the arrival of Sister Celestine. There were cultural performances, dances by kindergarten kids and a group of elders, praise and worship sessions, speeches, cutting of cake.................

Hmm...don't know what more to say here, let the pictures tell the story then.

...and here goes the menu...

...and of course, some cam-whoring session...

*it was my first time ever, to 'kena berus kau-kau' from Bishop coz he said we were blocking the VIPs view when we were taking photos and videos...hmm...amazing~*

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Care Fundraising A Success!

Project Care organized 4 fundraising events within these one and a half month. Here's the list of events we did to raise our funds for Long Makabar:

1. Curtin Carnival & Youth Day Fundraising
This was our first fundraising event we did after our return from our Long Makabar trip. There was a photo exhibition as well as video screening in our booth. The Project Care video was also screened in Lecture Theater for the public in big screen. Creating awareness was a great success. 

2. Pustaka Miri Exhibition
We had a one month long exhibition in Pustaka Miri. Apparently, we didn't manage to get a TV set so we couldn't screen our video there.

3. Bintang Plaza Fundraising
It was supposedly a one day event but later, the management told us that we are allowed to continue on for the weekend. So, we continued on for the next two days and had a total of more than RM1000 collection. It was a tiring event but the outcome was great.

...Catherine's sneek peek on Ming Yi doing Inai...

...the team and their Inais...

...Ming Yi, Catherine and Gerain...

...Shahul, Suhas and Kairul...

4. Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam Fundraising
Our final fundraising event and this time, it was a full swing of 12 hours of getting people to donate to our funds. Amazingly, one man donated RM500 cheque and most people gave a big amount of money. We managed to achieve our target for KRP and yes, we are able to buy our first item for the system - the batteries!

...when having our morning breakfast...

...some mirror syok sendiri...

...with Aunty Mary who helped us to get money...

...two of Suhas and Johan...

...celebrating our final fundraising event in KRP...

Finally, all the fundraising events are all over. It was a full effort from everyone in the team.

*next stop, another RM16,000 to go~*

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting too much into Assignments

Having basically brunch for the past couple of days felt like when I was back in college where I had either lunch or dinner only. hehehe... save money oh~

Keeping up with assignments, finally it's time for a better meal. Headed down to Miri Cafe (I think that's the correct name of the shop) a cafe just below Thai Bar, for dinner. Several times we were there but not for dinner purposes coz most of the time, we were there when the shop was about to close.

straight to the food,
The food is GREAT! Delicious~! I ordered Chicken Chop while Catherine had Pork Chop. First, the food came with a bowl of salad each and later was the garlic bread - the most yummy garlic bread ever~! - and then was our main dish... glass of Shandy...
...(of coz not planning to have beer)...

...starters; a bowl of salad...

...the yummy garlic bread...

...Catherine's Pork Chop... Chicken Chop...

The environment there is just lovely - the movie posters, the road signs, the 'hello' signs in so many languages all over the world, the 'very-full-with-liquor' bar, the music - everything around this shop is just so nice~

Will definitely come back here for other dishes...yummy~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Title (Part 2)

Again, I have no idea what to put as the title of this post, so here goes another 'No Title (Part 2)'.

It's Thursday and another week is about to go by. This week was what we like to call 'hell week' and why?...coz it's assignments, project, exams...DUE! I practically have an assignment due every week - reading logs - summarizing and arguing pages of articles into 2 pages. Had a major presentation - Marketing Communication Campaign presentation - very long one - 50 slides about Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant. Worked very well with my team, Amy and Yuki - thanks guys! Finally, it's O.V.E.R! hmm...FTV334 seem to be working pretty well up to date and now smooth sailing through the editing and later to music composition and in 3 weeks, it will be D.O.N.E! Got my previous assignment of FTV 243 back and yea~ improvement from the first assignment and now, it's time to hit the road and finish up the 7 pages draft for next week. Last but not least, MS216 final essay - it's all about politics - on Malaysia Today - I'm stuck! ahahahaha... -.-"

Finally was also being informed about our JCLA poster presentation which will be held in Mariott Hotel on the 31st October with clients coming to see our individual which means, the poster has to be ready quite soon - 24th October! Wah~ so-the-last-minute-one...

KRP Fundraising was pushed to next Friday in conjunction with Shell/Petronas 'Work Hard, Play Hard' day...means a lot of 'ang mo' will be coming...and hopefully will get more funds from there. Preparations for KRP is on-going now...

Managed to secure my time to come back to Miri next year - 15th February 2009 - to facilitate in JCLA's Foundation Camp for the new intake. Cool~! Back to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort! with a whole new group of people!

I'm back to my 'to-do-list' coz I seem to keep forgetting the things I have to do - sigh~ - it's ok, at least I keep track of all the things I have to do and making sure that I get it done. Hehehe...

Time to do banner-spraying thing for KRP...
Til the next post~

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Bus Ride to Class

Hahahaha...the title tells it all~! I have taken Curtin's bus before but today is my first time taking the Curtin's 1st bus of the day - 7.15am - to campus for class! Wondering why leh? Well, reason being Catherine's car broke down the night before and had to stay at home until someone come add lubricant oil to have the car be driven to the workshop in Krokop. So, to attend the class, Catherine and I took the bus! -.-""

First semester in Lakeside Apartment, all I need is Bus No.11 to get me to class (...I mean walking to class...). Second and current semester, we scheduled our 'going to campus time' well so that we both can go to campus by car.

And, there I go, taking the bus! -something very new- *sweats* 

I'm putting up this post coz Catherine didn't expect me to blog about this - here you go, Cath!

*another bus ride tomorrow*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Counting down the weeks...

 Time to start my countdown timer...

Week 1 (6th - 12th October)
- Marketing Communication Presentation
- KRP Fundraising

Week 2 (13th - 19th October)
- Project Care RM20,000 must be in the bank!

Week 3 (20th - 26th October)
- JCLA Poster Presentation

Week 4 (27th - 2nd November)
- FTV 243 Final Script DUE
- FTV 334 Corporate Video DUE
- MS 216 Final Essay DUE

Week 5 (3rd - 9th November)
- Study week...a whole week to study one unit *sigh*

Week 6 (10th - 16th November)
- Exam 1st Week...but I got no exam *sigh*
- Preparations for Long Makabar trip

Week 7 (17th - 23rd November)
- Exam 2nd Week...yeah~! finally, my one and only exam on Monday! -.-""
- Niah Cave trip
- Lepakin' with friends
- Final preparations for Long Makabar

Week 8 (24th - 30th November)
- Long Makabar trip...another 16 hours ride in Hilux and sand flies attack for 4 days 3 nights
- Pack for home~ * I going back home?*
- Pack for KL! *still thinking which to choose from*

...we'll see whether things go according to plan...but one thing's for is in 8 weeks!...

Saturday, October 4, 2008