Friday, December 27, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

This year passed in a blink of an eye. It felt like New Year a month ago. Was I superbly busy this year that the time flies without me noticing that it's the end of 2013?

It was definitely a busy year for me. I've been working non-stop since the start of 2013 and will be finishing this year on a project as well. There were so many ups and downs, tears and joy through this year but no matter what happened before, this year was a blast!

The thirteen things I achieved this year (not in any specific order):
1. First overseas shoot
I started the year with my very first overseas shoot in Jakarta, Indonesia for 10 days. It was for My Ghost Story Asia Season 2. I brought a team of seven from Malaysia, teaming with the Indonesian team, the Filipino team and the Thai team through a span of 2 months. It was a stressful shoot but being with great teammates, it made everything smooth sailing.

2. First visit to Bangkok, Thailand
I had a quick 4 days 3 nights in Bangkok on my own to recce for MGS2. It was a terrible trip, I must say. I had diarrhea through those days and the Thai team were not accommodative and I didn't enjoy those days there.

3. From PM to Producer
As we were finishing up MGS2, I was taken aback when I was credited as Producer in this project. I'm glad that all the hard work paid off with an appreciation of this sort. 

4. Missing my flight for the first time
Technically, this is not an achievement. It's such a sad moment, when I was already nearby the airport but I missed my flight by 5minutes. Thanks to not switching my phone clock back to Malaysia time, I was an hour behind and that made me missed my flight to Brunei for a week diving! I then decided to buy the next flight back home for a week of break. I will never want to miss my flight ever again!

5. Solo trip to Philippines
I had my first solo traveling to Philippines for two weeks! I climbed Mount Pinatubo, toured Corregidor Island, dived in Puerto Galera and lots more. It was by far, the greatest trip ever! Next...a month in Philippines to travel as many islands as possible.

6. Producing 3R
After 10 years of having the dream of working in 3R, I was given the opportunity to produce it! It started with a 7 episodes of reality series called Projek3R and continued with a 13 episodes 3R. It was by far the toughest project ever but I learnt a whole lot.

7. Shooting Underwater for TV program
Wooohooo! I finally had the chance to shoot underwater for 3R! Big big big achievement! Hope to have more underwater shoots to go!

8. Hong Kong and Macau
Mom and I made our way to Hong Kong and Macau...finally~ It was an awesome trip, meeting Granduncle Kee and both aunt and uncle and enjoyed so many trips through the 9 days there. Disneyland, Ocean childhood dream. Ate so much that, played so much, photographed so much. It was awesome!

9. Visit to Yangon, Myanmar
Eventhough it was for work, but it was my first visit to Myanmar. Didn't enjoy much though but it was an eye opener to see the culture and lifestyle of the people there. Wouldn't mind to have a trip to Myanmar again. Anyone?

10. Visits to Hospital
There were so many visits to the hospital for doctors appointment and therapy. Thanks the the left arm which went wonky after Projek3R's shoot. Until today, after endless waits and appointments, I still have no idea what is wrong with the hand. Urgh! How I hate seeing doctors, going through so many tests but no results and idea what is wrong. Next appointment...March 2014!

11. Internssss
I've never had so many interns working in my project until I was given...12 interns in total this year! It started with 9 interns in Projek3R and 3 interns in 3R. It was hard to manage but they were of a lot of help especially in having extra pair of hands in production. There were good interns, there were great interns but there were horrifying interns as well. I wish each and everyone of them the best in their future undertakings and a big thanks for being a part of 3R family!

12. Mum's here for my Birthday!
It's been a few years celebrating my birthday away from my family. This year, mum came a day before and was here for my birthday until Christmas. Weeeeeeeee~ Wish dad was here too. 

13. New camera equipments~
I bought a new Rode Mic and a new Manfrotto Monopod for my 60D...feels slightly complete with the new gears. Now let's see what's next to add on the camera. The only downside is the more I add on, the heavier the camera gets and it's not convenient when traveling but heck, that's the purpose! *laughs*

Yeap, that sums up to thirteen items checked this year. It's the last Friday of year 2013 and I'm still trying to finish up the work here before my REAL holiday begins. It's not fun to work through the holidays, especially when seeing everyone having fun taking leaves an all. Oh well, that's not how it works when working Freelancing. 

Twenty-Thirteen has been great to me! Though many ups and downs but what is life if there's no challenge to it.

Let's toast to another amazing year ahead!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Hong Kong and Macau 2013

These photos sums up our trip to Hong Kong and Macau last November.
It was one great trip with Mum and more trips coming up next!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Early Birthday Surprise with the Besties

15th December 2013
very early birthday

the two awesome besties planned a surprise but it failed after I got lost trying to find the restaurant. these two besties are just awesome! love them to bits!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Underwater Shoots!

Finally, I had the chance of shooting underwater for 3R!

Hope those shots turn out well and many more underwater shoots to come!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

High School Dream Came True

Exactly 10 years ago, I dreamt of working with 3R.

I remembered there was once, my friends went to a 3R event in Kuching Waterfront. I was caught up with tuition and wasn't able to make it to the event. My friends came back to school, showing their photographs and bragged about meeting the 3R hosts then.

Since that incident, I was determined to work hard and one day to see myself working in 3R.

Ten years later, I produced 3R!
Presenting the new generation of 3R hosts - Yvonne, Dayah and Amirah.

It was not what I expected but anyway, the challenges faced during the production of 3R gave me new experiences and knowledges for future project. I'm proud to be a part of 3R.

The Brand New 3R!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hospital Visits...

It's been a good 2 months going back to the hospital. Long hours of waiting, being referred here and there and endless tests. At least I get to do my therapy once a week now and I'm on a splint. Hope this gets settled soon as it gets annoying at times when the hand starts going wonky and painful. Urgh!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013



A sudden trip back home for medical treatment while in the midst of post production for a reality show and pre production for a TV program. Visit my grandaunt every morning after breakfast for a traditional massage and back home to work; calls, smses, whatapps, emails... worst part is can't sit too long, can't stand too long, can't lie down too long *restless*

There's just so much 'organizing' to do; left and right.
So many parties to communicate with.
At some point, I'm not sure if this is exactly what I would do for long run.

Some ramblings from a stressed up Karen...

Here I am working day and night and he's there taking a breather from his past months of ups and downs. I envy him. Rains been pouring over there, flash floods every where...I pray that he is safe. Can't wait to see him! Miss him terribly.

Planning for the holiday in Hong Kong and Macau this October/November with mum. There's so many places to go but it seemed like one week's too short. I somehow expect that it won't be exactly a quiet holiday for me...with shootings and post productions going on that time, but at least it's a getaway in between the stress. Yes! I'll be diving in Hong Kong! *woots* Can't wait to see what's in those waters!

Projek3R coming on air this Saturday, 24th August at 6pm on TV3! 
Gotta watch it on's been a long while since I last watch a show I worked in on TV, mostly because I don't have time for TV and I don't have ASTRO at home.

Many things happened since I started the 6-month long job. 

So far in my working history, this project has the most interns...ever! I had in total of 9 interns working under me. It was not easy, teaching them from scratch. Some were very responsible and initiative and some were just plain lazy. I'm glad that as time passed, they improved. I would love to work with some of them in the near future.

It's still a learning process for me. Everything is rather new to me this time around. Producing a reality show to working with big clients and stations to the technical specifications of everything from production to post production. Glad to be given this opportunity!

I'm halfway into the 6 months job. One project almost complete...another project starting.

Little dimpled duck is now in KL, terrorizing the house, waking me up at 7am every day including Saturdays and Sundays, invading my room whenever the door is open and lots more of his cuteness that puts a smile on my face after a long, tiring day at work. Can't wait for him to call me 'kuku'!

This rambling is all over the place.
Anyway, it's been a long time since I last wrote some rambles.

Hoping to keep this blog alive but time just doesn't allow it...

Signing off!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hong Kong this October!

counting down the days till Hong Kong this October with mum!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When the hand goes wonky again!

Pain! Pain! Pain!
The left wrist decides to go painful again. Not only that, left shoulder has tendonitis. WTH!

Lots of doctor's appointments to go.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The KL Life

Just realized it's been almost 10 years since I left my hometown in Kuching to embark on a new journey in the big city called Kuala Lumpur. So much has happened and so much more to come.

The KL Life, I must say, has its ups and downs.
The KL Life has always been an eye opener.
The KL Life has so much more to see.

Let's see what else is there to explore!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ah Duck II

...presenting Ah Duck II...

A quick getaway!

7th August 2013...flight's book for Singapore!

The air ticket is so cheap, so no questions asked. The flight is booked and I'll be off to Singapore for the weekend before taking a bus to Melaka for a bazaar during the raya weekend. Need this break!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Passion Killing Business

At some point of the career, something or somewhat will appear and kills the passion instantly; leaving me soul searching once again whether I'm in the right path of my career. This is a Passion Killing Business! I completely lost my interest in this industry once before and it took me a while to find the passion back and finally I found it, but somehow things happened and again, it crushed my passion once more. I'm feeling rather lost.

I just want to do something that I'm passionate that too much to ask?!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ah Duck is Missing!

Ah Duck...where have you been?
It was just before I headed out for recce this afternoon that I realized Ah Duck was missing from the phone. I thought I had left it in the car and only when I was about to leave office, I went inside my car and searched for it but it was not there. I ran back to the office and started looking for it, still I found nothing. I went back into the car, turned on the lights and flashlight and searched everywhere but found nothing. 

Where are you, Ah Duck?

My heart aches terribly now.

You've been my companion for almost the past 2 years. You've been with me in every countries I've visited. You've been my shoulder to cry on. Please come back...let me find you.

*sob sob*

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Just last week, I had too much of it. Nothing felt right everyday.
It was one stressful week I had and I do not wish to feel that way again.
Shoot is near. Once shoot is completed, the first part of this long project will be done...and it should not be this stressful anymore.

This is why I insist to work only on Documentaries...
Dealing with people is just not something I want to be doing everyday.
I rather do extensive research eventhough there will be time where I will hit a brick wall, but it's still better than to deal with many parties who apparently do not make good decisions.

Oh well,
A week more to shoot!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Ah Boy's Creation from the Kitchen

My dear Ah Boy does wonders in the kitchen. It had been a sumptuous week where he fed me delicious feast for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Ah Boy banned me from entering the kitchen to help and even to watch him cook! He says it's distracting... *sigh* After more than a week there, I learn nothing of Filipino cookings *fail* Anyhow, he's such a great cook, I must say, he enjoys cooking especially to fatten me up!

p/s: I barely remember what these dishes are called

Can't wait for him to cook again!
This time I bet he'll spend most his time in the kitchen with my mum cooking for the family (and I'm hiding away in my room with my laptop watching movie) *laughs*

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Underwater wonders of Puerto Galera, Philippines

3 diving days, 8 dives logged, met new diver friends, seen new nudibranchs, terrible coral burns, attack of the Triggerfish, ginormous turtle...the list goes on and on. 

Will be back for more!